Makes re-fueling fast, safe and easy

FLO-FAST: The ideal fast and safe fueling solution for racing.

Racing Applications

The racing market is one of our top markets due to the safety, speed and the variety of fuel transfer options FLO-FAST offers.  If you need to pull fuel out of a drum, simply place your hose down into the drum and reverse the pump.  You can fill your jugs at a rate of 8 gallons per minute.  If you need to pump from a drum we offer that option or a combination pump that will work on your drums as well as the standard 5 and our 7.5, 10.5 & 15-gallon containers.  The most popular – a standard jug pump that will fit all the industry standard (3’’ opening) jugs.  Whether you have a Dragster, Rally, Sprint, Go Kart, Drifting, Motocross, or any type of race car FLO-FAST provides one of the safest and fastest ways to transfer fuel in or out of your car.

Racing Product Recommendations

Product Benefits

  • Pumps  up to 8 gallons per minute

  • Draws / Suctions fuel from a cell or barrel

  • Fits standard largemouth race jugs

  • Fits 15, 30, 55-gallon barrels

  • Jug options (7.5, 10.5, 15-gallon sizes)

  • Custom Molded handles on the bottom of jugs

  • Fast and versatile Hands cart options with pneumatic tires and wheels

  • Works with Race Gas, Methanol, Nitro, Diesel, Ethanol

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