For all of your Lawn Maintenance equipment

FLO-FAST: For all your Lawn and Garden Equipment.

Lawn and Garden Applications

Use FLO-FAST year around to fill your Lawn Mower, Snow Blower, or roto tiller.  FLO-FAST will solve your portable fuel transfer needs any day of the year.  With FLO-FAST you have the ability to pump fuel into and remove fuel at the end of a season, FLO-FAST will help get your Lawn maintenance work done faster.  We have a variety of systems to suit your needs and with our custom size 7.5, 10.5 and 15-gallon container, having FLO-FAST will save you extra trips the stations too.

Lawn & Garden Product Recommendations

Product Benefits

  • Pumps or removes fluid at a rate up to 8 gallons per minute

  • Durable, Non- corrosive light weight pump

  • Container options (7.5, 10.5, 15-gallon sizes)

  • Custom molded containers

  • Fold flat carts

  • Heavy duty pneumatic carts with 10 & 13’’ tires

  • Compatible with Gasoline, ethanol blends, Non- Oxygenated fuel, & many more

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